Daily Vaper: Innokin MVP4 Mod Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

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Innokin’s MVP4 Mod includes a USB cable for charging. The MVP4 can act as a power bank for other electrical devices and in itself charges very quickly. The reviewer says the MVP4 charged up in 1.5 hours from zero battery life. This box mod has a maximum output of 100W.

The review concludes that while there are no major downsides with the MVP4, it is not ergonomic. This is typical in box style mods. On a particularly positive note, the battery life has an above average lifespan. Overall, the MVP4 is enjoyable to vape. The reviewer is very happy with this mod.

Original Innokin MVP4 4500mAh 100W TC Box Mod on sale for $63.64

WATCH Review by XHale Vaping:

Kevin Krilla

Vape Reporter


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