Daily Vaper: Smoant Battlestar 200W Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

The Daily Vaper: There simply is no place on the Internet to find all the information a vaper needs when considering whether to buy a specific model. The Daily Vaper is a new series in which we share vape reviews found on YouTube. We give you everything you need to know, all in one place. The video review can be found at the bottom of the article. The entire series can be found here.

Smoant’s Battestar mod produces up to 200W. The Battlestar holds two 18650 batteries, not included upon purchase.  Any tank 25mm in diameter will sit flush atop the mod. The video review suggests the Battlestar is fairly easy to operate.

The analyst in the video review has been using Smoant’s Battlestar 200W mod for a week and a half and has no downsides to discuss. He has had no problems with it whatsoever. There is no delay with the fire button and generally performs efficiently. Also, it is currently on sale.

Smoant Battlestar 200W TC MOD on sale for $42.95

WATCH The Review By Vape Don’t Smoke:

Kevin Krilla

Vape Reporter


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