Daily Vaper: VapeCige VT Box 250 Review

Kevin Krilla | Contributor

VapeCige’s VT Box 250 TC mod has a DNA250 chip that controls all of the mechanisms. It has a maximum of 250 watts of output.┬áIt features Evolv’s patented wattage control, temperature protection, preheat, OLED screen, and waterproof onboard buttons. The USB port and Evolv’s escribe software can be used to customize or monitor the user experience, a big plus for vapers. As far as the battery, it is a built-in 1500mah Li-Po.

The reviewer in the video below raves, “As it turns out, this is a pretty good DNA250 mod. Some pros, some subjective cons, but overall it deserves to be among the top mods I use daily.” He gives a 9/10 for build quality, a 8/10 for design, 10/10 for performance, and 10/10 for firmware/chipset. Some vapers may be concerned about the Li-Po built-in battery. According to the reviewer, he says he has had no issues with it and it lasts all day.

Original VapeCige VT Box 250 TC MOD with DNA 250 Chip on sale for $110.99

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Kevin Krilla



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