Daily Vaper: Smok Procolor Mod Introduction

Kevin Krilla | Contributor

Smok just released the new Procolor mod. There are no reviews out on this mod yet, but I’m sure most of us have an idea what this mod would be like, especially if you own any of the recent Smok mods. Smok has created many many vape mods, along with other products in the vape world. This is just an introduction to Smok’s Procolor mod.

Some features of Smok’s new Procolor mod include: it has a maximum of 225 watts, it holds two 18650 batteries, it has large 1.3 inch OLED menu screen, it has RGB backlights shaped like a shield, and it has multiple protections. This new Smok mod hasĀ a totally new designed software interface and a fire bar that is ergonomic and looks comfortable to hold. It comes in 7 different colors to choose from.

Smok Procolor TC Box Mod — $59.42

WATCH The Video Review:

Kevin Krilla



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