Daily Vaper: Ehpro Bachelor RTA Tank Review

Kevin Krilla | Contributor

Ehpro’s Bachelor RTA is unique because it is a postless RTA. We did a review on Ehpro’s Bachelor Nano RTA, but there are some differences with the Bachelor. The Bachelor RTA is a rebuildable tank that comes with pre-made coils.┬áThe pre-made coils are marketed to have great flavor and huge vapor, and they are more cost saving compared to sub ohm coils. Vapers┬ácan either use the coils or choose to DIY and build some. For beginners, it’s a great tank to enjoy the transformation from pre-made coils to build by yourself coils. This RTA is 22mm in diameter and holds up to 4ml of liquid.

The video review demonstrates how to build your own coils and displays vaping the already pre made coils the Bachelor RTA comes with. He raves, “I have been having a fantastic time with this tank!” We learn that this RTA is a top fill that has a sliding top cover. Also, it is a single coil build; there is no option for a dual coil. The tank comes completely apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. He stresses the fact that the Bachelor RTA is super easy to use and really is recommended to someone who is switching from sub ohm coils for the first time.

Ehpro Bachelor Tank — $20.90

WATCH The Video Review:

Kevin Krilla



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