How Do I Lasso?

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

A “Lasso” vape trick is when you do a mouth hit after you pushed your O and expanded it. Then, with that mouth hit, you wanna push the vapor out like you’re doing a jellyfish. But if you make your lips into an “O” shape and force it out a tiny bit harder, an O will come through and expand around the first O forming a vapor shape resembling a lasso.

The trickster in the video tutorial below explains further. He says you need to know two things.

  1. How to blow an O and push that O.
  2. How to do an O using your jaw. (That is, how to do a mouth hit for thick vapor).

After blowing the first O and watching it expand for a few seconds is when you blow the second O. The second O will be blown directly in the center of the first O, giving it a little more force so that it is able to catch up and pass the first O. The second O will then wrap around the first one, creating the lasso effect.

The key to completing this trick comes after the second O is blown. As it is going through and wrapping around the first O, you need to give it some momentum by doing somewhat of another push. While the second O is wrapping around the first one, this push will shoot the first O through the second O’s “wrap around,” which gives it the look of a rope with a noose on the end.

Take a look! Practice makes perfect.

WATCH How To Lasso:

Kevin Krilla

Vape Reporter


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