Corn Flake Tart E-Juice By Dinner Lady Is Like Vaping Cornbread And Strawberry Jam

Kevin Krilla | Contributor

Corn Flake Tart by Dinner Lady has a flavor profile of crunchy corn flakes, fruit jam and pastry. As advertised, “Each vape is packed with the taste of buttery pastry, homemade fruit jam, and a generous topping of crunchy, baked cornflakes.”

Corn Flake Tart comes in 60ml bottles and has a 70VG/30PG blend. You have the choice of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels.

The video below is a review of Dinner Lady’s Corn Flake Tart e-juice. One reviewer describes his experience while vaping this e-juice. When he takes a few draws, he notices a little bit of a throat hit, but not overpowering. The vapor production off of this e-juice is about average, he observes. As far as the vaping flavor, he says, there is a nice balance of a strawberry jam and corn flakes. “This stuff is really damn good,” he raves. He says it feels like vaping cornbread and strawberry jam. He considers it to be an all-day-vape for sure. It has a smooth comfortable draw with great flavor, he adds.

Corn Flake Tart E-Juice by Dinner Lady- 60ml is on sale for $24.99


Kevin Krilla



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